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Global End-to-End Solutions
Compaynet offers your business the best payment processing solutions in the industry — including:
  • Our leading B2B Trade Credit Finance and Supply Chain Finance facilities.

  • Our leading e-Commerce platform/gateway.

We invite you to consider our international merchant account facilities that are designed to slash your web site's number of vacated sales whilst at the same time, reducing your processing net costs.

We provide merchants with a comprehensive and innovative range of services and solutions that eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless and secure for consumers.​


Our merchants benefit from the depth and breadth of our large online acceptance network, which combines global expertise with local solutions. We connect retailers to all financial institutions and deliver access to the widest portfolio of national and international online payment methods.


The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation. The consumer relationship is evolving rapidly, with well-informed consumers seeking the best product at the best price with the most comprehensive service package available.

Our robust eCommerce solutions empower you to provide customers with a more satisfying shopping experience online.

Convert more visitors into payers on your eCommerce web site

Visitors to your web site are fickle and it takes very little to lose a sale: You can profit from what we have learned internationally and built to reduce buyer online resistance, especially cart abandonment.

You can lose an online sale for many reasons; such as unsupported currencies, clunky security drills, bank rejection or unsupported card and payment brands, payment types and methods and many more...

What is your online sales success and rejection rate?

Are you doing everything possible to cut down online cart abandonment?

The truth is, more than two out of every three potential customers will leave your web site without purchasing. This is according to leading researchers including Baymard Institute, a web research company in the U.K.


Our experienced payments team will advise you on developing a payment strategy that can reduce cart abandonment as well as supporting your expansion into new countries. We help you to meet your unique business development needs across world markets. Our single-source payments system and gateway services can assist you to manage growing volumes of transactions efficiently and accept more orders from anywhere in the world.

Payment Services Specialists

We provide merchant accounts with an inbuilt range of payment processing solutions.


We specialize in the design and delivery of Online Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing, Integrated Bank Transfer payment systems, Prepaid E-Wallet, pre-paid debit cards and Payment Card Management solutions.


We offer flexible, expandable end-to-end payment solutions that are built to streamline the electronic payment process at an economic price and help any size business run efficiently and securely.

Pricing and fees

Our pricing structure is stripped down and simplified:

  • There are no registration or setup fees

  • No monthly account fees

  • No integration fees

Fees are applied only when your customers make an online purchase with their credit or debit cards and these fees are competitive and designed to enhance mutual long-term collaboration with our merchants.

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