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We provide global payment and processing services that simplify the world of e-commerce through our:
  • B2B Trade Credit Finance solutions including Accounts Receivables Finance and Supply Chain Finance. 

  • payment processing, payment solutions and management

  • mobile payments

  • e-commerce and online payments

  • security and compliance services

  • fraud mitigation and risk management services, information and data analytical services

  • customer contact services

  • prepaid Debit Master Card and Visa Debit Cards

  • pre-paid, e-wallet, loyalty and gift card services

  • card management services

Our Difference

As an independent and innovative organization with strategic global reach, we are uniquely placed to deliver a comprehensive range of global payments services to our customers in more than 100 countries. Our focus is on working with our partners to be a leader in the payment processing market.


Our platform’s architecture allows us the flexibility and capability to seamlessly receive and distribute payment transactions for both traditional platforms (such as Point of Sale and e-commerce) and rapidly evolving technologies (including prepaid cards, kiosks, mobile phones and tablets). Our solutions are customized to select the systems and features which work best for you, without the complexity and constraints associated with legacy systems.

Cost Savings

By partnering with Compaynet, niche players and financial institutions, retailers and merchants can access the efficiencies and cost benefits of scale usually only available to major banks. Our modular design means you only pay for services and functions you need. Compaynet allows you to access new and evolving technologies without significant up-front costs.


Compaynet's aggregated service model allows smaller players to compete more effectively and collaborate to introduce new innovative payment products responding quickly and cost effectively to market demand or emerging opportunities. Our leading-edge platforms ensure you can take advantage of market trends in a timely manner, removing the constraints of legacy and non-integrated systems.


Compaynet and its partner banks/acquirers process mass volumes of transactions annually with unsurpassed speed, accuracy, availability and system uptime – availability you can count on. Our network, platforms and services are designed to provide you with the ability to control and manage your business, your way.


Compaynet provides a single point of connection for all your card brands, channels and transaction types, removing cost and complexity from your business. We support all types of domestic, scheme, pre-paid, private label and loyalty cards. We provide an improved view of your customers' transactional behavior for greater marketing and risk assessment opportunities. 

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