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Instant online finance

Whether you need B2B Trade Credit Finance, a global payment processing facility, instant online finance for your costumers, private label debit cards a suite of alternative payment methods, Compaynet can provide you with a full-service range of cutting edge products.

Rethink how you provide trade credit.

Give instant, embedded B2B credit terms, all with 0% credit risk, while you get paid the full sale value immediately.

That is how it should be! Because you’re a business, not a bank!

Offer your local or international business customers a dedicated one-click B2B embedded checkout, with 30 to 180 days terms, while you enjoy immediate full value payout and zero credit risk.

Grow your business while preserving your capital, with flexible, automated B2B payment terms. Compaynet empowers you to give one-click payment options, automated instant trade credit decisions with full immediate funding across all channels – in store, online or through sales.

​Sell more with speed, convenience, and choice. Offload debtors admin, funding and credit risk while providing self-serve and flexible trade credit terms.

Payment by Installments: a powerful solution for your online store

Increase the purchasing power of your customers – with flexible payment by instalment with the pay later facility. Your customers buy goods online and pay according to their needs in several monthly instalments.

Your big advantage: As a merchant, this is risk-free for you, we guarantee the payment after a positive credit check.

  • Flexible solution: Use payment by instalment as a 0% marketing financing solution and flexible rates, or,

  • At an effective interest rate from as low as 4.95% per annum.

  • Multichannel solution: You’re operating a point of sale? Offer pay later payment by instalment there as well!


Get in touch with us to talk about how payment by instalments can help convert more customers.

Unlock the value of pay later products

Enable your customers to buy now and pay later.

Pay later is an innovative payment solution for both online and bricks-and-mortar retailers that enables consumers to delay payment to after their goods have been shipped without impacting on merchants’ cashflow.

White Label option

The system can be white labeled so merchants can be sure that their own brand is front and center throughout the customer’s experience. Under a white label facility, your customers aren’t aware of us. It is solely your store and brand that will be visible. Your website and all communication can be designed  with your branding and your wording, meaning your customers remain your customers.

Invoice me later: The most popular method of payment

Meet your customers’ payment needs - by providing a solution targeted at loyal customers. Payment by invoice helps decrease shopping cart abandonment by 80%. 

Offer your top customers a unique shopping experience

Businesses offering pay later have seen their sales grow by up to 35%. Increase your conversions and gain a competitive edge with our unique solution.

Many of your customers are itching to buy but often take time to deliberate as to whether your product is right for them. With our pay later, offer them the chance to receive the product before having to commit to paying.

“Try before you buy”

Enable your customers to buy now and pay later.

Pay later is an innovative payment solution for both online and bricks-and-mortar retailers that enables consumers to delay payment to after their goods have been shipped without impacting on your cashflow. The system can be white-labelled so merchants can be sure that their brand is front and centre throughout the customer’s experience.

Reward VIP customers

Offer pay later as an added value to recurring and engaged customers.

Next day funding

Get the money in your merchant account by the next day and let us worry about what happens if customers return the product.

Flexible settlement times

Choose the invoice settlement period that works best for your customers.

Payment Processing for Online Distance Sales

We are a worldwide provider of payment processing products and services that facilitate, support and accelerate the processing of funds for merchants, large corporations, financial institutions and government agencies. Amongst other payment modes, we have the systems and capabilities to process online payment traffic brands including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, UnionPay and Discover. We offer flexible, expandable end-to-end payment solutions that are built to streamline the electronic payment process at an economic price and help any size business run efficiently and securely.

Compaynet allows you to process card payments from all major credit cards, scheme debit cards and charge cards in real time, through a secure web based interface. Compaynet’s platform supports a broad range of payments including person to person card payments, remittances, pre-paid top-ups and card bill payments.

Integrated Bank Transfer payment systems

Accept bank transfers directly from your checkout page with instant confirmation and immediate payment.


Your customers stay on your merchant website to complete the bank transfer – you do not lose control!


Receive payments faster than credit cards, with lower fees and no chargeback risk.

We offer merchants an additional e-commerce payment option, by way of integrated bank transfers in real time. A customer can choose his or her own European or UK bank from a drop-down list on the  merchant’s checkout page at the time of payment. The customer then selects his/her own bank name while staying on the checkout page. The customer then enters own account details and authorizes the purchase and in some cases receives a confirmation security code from own bank, using the usual and familiar own bank security drill, (such as an SMS security notification sent to the registered phone number). The customer then enters the security code to confirm and authorize payment to the designated/default merchant bank account.


Customers can pay a merchant’s designated bank account from the bank account of their choice, through a payment page embedded in the merchant’s checkout page. Customers pay using their familiar bank transfer drill and bank account details. Merchants will receive the successful bank transfer confirmation immediately and the funds will be received in the merchant’s bank account as clear funds, usually immediately or the same day.


Customers can easily make payments from mobile devices, tablets or desktops with maximum security. There is minimal integration development needed on the part of the merchant because Compaynet will provide plug-in software (SDKs) that is already customized for the particular e-commerce platform supporting the merchant’s web site. The bank payment service page automatically adapts to the size of the merchant’s checkout screen. Just make room for an iFrame.


Contact us without obligation to learn more or to request a free test account.

eCommerce Credit/Debit Card Processing for Every Business

Our e-Commerce solutions provide everything you need to set up an online shop and expand the reach of your business with global payments and comprehensive security. Our services include:

  • Your own online merchant account with personalized descriptor, competitive pricing, selected currencies and card brands - all tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • API integration that allows you to capture customer card details on your own website or via your own custom payment application and submit them via XML (a message protocol) directly to our payment gateway.

  • Keep Online Data PCI Secure:

Receiving payments online can be risky business as technology advances and electronic theft becomes more complex. You can rely on Compaynet's PCI-compliant e-Commerce credit card processing services, security features and advanced fraud management tools to keep your business, your customers and your data safe from credit card fraud.

  • A Virtual Terminal (when required) that enables you to take mail order & telephone payments via your computer's internet browser, enabling you to process card not present payments fast, efficiently and securely.

  • Grow online sales across multiple channels worldwide with the widest variety of payment options available.

  • Discover the solutions that fit your needs and easily expand your global reach with a seamless and familiar online shopping experience.

  • Ensure faster, uninterrupted online payment service with top processing speeds and an intelligent infrastructure.

  • Increase efficiency with our fully equipped online payment processing services.

Pre-paid, e-wallet and card management

We can provide a fully hosted card payment platform that is fully integrated with our real-time transaction processing platform, enabling issuers, merchants and acquirers to provide card products and services and linked digital wallets.

Mobile Payment

Compaynet provides a suite of fully integrated mobile payments services allows you to process card payments from all major credit cards, scheme debit cards and charge cards in real time.

Flexible integration

We can provide a web based interface for iPhone or mobile internet devices that accepts all major credit cards type and offers on the spot payment authorizations.

Secure solutions

Your customers' card information is safe. Compaynet's hosted platform complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Service and support

We help you to establish and certify your systems if you need it. You'll also enjoy the peace of mind of round-the-clock customer support 24*7*365 days a year.

Value added services

Supports pre-authorization, gift cards, pre-paid cards, multi-currency conversion and tokenization services for safeguarding sensitive card data.

Payment Card Services

We offer tailored card programs to meet your business needs, leveraging our complete end-to-end card management platform that supports e-wallet, card issuing, transaction processing, payment clearing, settlement and reporting, program management and customer account services.

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