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local payment methods and currencies

Compaynet removes the complexity from cross-border B2B Trade Credit Finance and for eCommerce for both retail online business and for terrestrial office-based sales. 

We provide a collecting and payment full-service. This means that our platform provides a single technical connection to all major and minor international credit/debit card brands and alternative payment methods, and we can collect card payments from all over the world.


You can offer the local payment methods and currencies that your customers prefer in different countries all over the world with our full-service platform.


After an easy, fast and secure integration to our platform, you have access to all of our payment products, as well as additional services such as fraud and chargeback management, checkout optimization and business intelligence.

Enhance Revenues

Our integrated payments system features a series of intelligent payment tools designed to help maximize authorization rates and cart conversion. This includes:

  • Tokenization

We make it easier for your customers to make repeat purchases by storing their cardholder data securely on file. A unique profile number or 'token' is used to process their transactions in place of the customer's card details, eliminating the need for you to store this sensitive information in-house.

  • In Depth Authorization

Convert more orders into completed sales by resubmitting some declined payments automatically. Many different response codes identify exactly why each transaction was declined allowing you to put in place rules to decide which soft declines to retry (e.g. insufficient funds in the customer's account).

  • Manage complex transactions

Our payment system allows you to renew authorizations on split orders. This enables you to automatically handle authorizations beyond the standard seven days. This can assist when items are temporarily out of stock.

  • Mobile payments

For mobile wallets, we provide the processing foundations that deliver payment transactions through a mobile device and constantly evaluate their rapid evolution to facilitate other payment-related offerings and services.

Supporting International Growth

We can guide you through the challenges of accepting foreign cards and multiple currencies. We can also assist to meet the local preferences of your overseas customers.


With our global perspective, we understand the complex challenges and potential rewards of trading internationally. Our network of partnerships and strategic alliances enables you to accept orders from anywhere in the world. This is supported by a wide choice of payment methods and currencies that you can use to attract new customers across Europe and beyond. These features include:


  • Global currency reach

We offer clients the ability to present in more than 120 currencies, which may serve to reassure your international customers by offering their currency of choice, and may lead to more sales as a result. Our comprehensive reporting suite allows you to analyze your international sales by business unit, territory, currency and channel.

  • Offer more payment types

We enable you to offer a wider choice of payment methods, helping to increase sales from your European and international customers. This includes all major cards types and a range of popular domestic cards and other local payment methods.

A single interface makes it easier for you to review all international payments and offer additional payment types in the future.

  • Consumer cards

We accept cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and pre-paid cards from Visa and MasterCard.

  • International Maestro

Since the development of International Maestro for e-commerce, over 300 million cards in Europe can now be used for online transactions through our payments platform.

  • Settling in your preferred currency

By offering a choice of 14 settlement currencies, we allow you to receive funding in your preferred currency. Available currencies include British Sterling, Euro, USD, Swiss Franc, Danish Kroner, Swedish Kronor, Norwegian Kroner, South Africa Rand, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar, and Hong Kong Dollar.

Recurring payments made easy

Our highly flexible managed billing system helps to simplify the collection of recurring, deferred or instalment payments. This enables you to set a payment schedule and automate the collection of repeat payments.

Dedicated reports will provide you with an overview of your billing program covering card expiry, authorization status, and scheduled authorization dates. Optional email alerts to customers and customized reporting further help you to optimize your payments program.

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