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Le informazioni che seguono sono in lingua inglese per garantire l’accuratezza tecnica del linguaggio.

Il personale tecnico può contattarci per maggiori informazioni all’indirizzo email


Our developer zone is here to provide you with the tools you need. The integration tools we provide are easy to integrate and include sample code, test cards and free support from our responsive team of experienced technicians.

Compaynet gives you all the major shopping carts, third-party tokenisation services and invoicing software.

Our Modules

Compaynet integrates directly with all major shopping carts. Use Compaynet’s versatility to unlock your market with our modules below.

Zen Cart
Jigo Shop
Cube Cart
OS Commerce
Presta Shop
Lemon Stand
Virtue Mart
Woo Commerce
Hika Shop
Mijo Shop
CS Cart
Uber Cart
3rd Party Modules

These modules are not developed by Compaynet. For support, please contact the module developers directly.

Super Control
Admit One
Foxy Cart
Click Cart Pro
Kash Flow
Nop Commerce

*The modules listed above are for reference only.  Use of these modules is under GPU General Public Licence. Compaynet provides no warranty and accepts no liability for the use of these modules. Compaynet expects and advises full end to end testing to take place before any module is utilized in a live environment.

Direct Integration

With direct integration, your merchant website (complete with secure certificate) captures the user's personal and credit card details and then forwards these behind the scenes to the secure Compaynet gateway. Compaynet then performs any necessary fraud and security checks, clears the payment with the acquiring bank and sends a response back to your merchant website, which then delivers a formatted response back to the customer.

Direct integration is more complex than the hosted forms method, but it does mean that the entire shopping process can occur within your merchant website, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

For standard Visa and MasterCard Testing use merchant ID 108896, or for 3D Secure Testing use 108897.


Compaynet’s Software Development Kit (“SDK”) allows merchants to accept secure payments in a native mobile app. Our SDKs allows customers to save cards in the mobile app and store the tokenized cards for future payments, creating a seamless payments journey. Integrate secure in-app payments with our Android or iOS SDKs below.

Hosted Form

With the hosted form method, customers on your merchant website are passed to the Compaynet gateway where they then enter their card details and receive a response for the transaction, before being re-directed back to your merchant website. In this scenario, no secure certificate is necessary but the process is not integrated with your merchant's website. This is the simplest way to integrate with Compaynet.

Our standard hosted form carries minimal branding so as not to detract from our merchants’ own branding.  If you prefer, it can be customised with a branded header and footer for your company.

For standard Visa and MasterCard Testing use merchant ID 108896, or for 3D Secure Testing use 108897.

As a payment gateway merchant, the hosted forms integration guide is fully branded as your own, sits on your own URL with your logo, branding and with your own test credentials.

Pay Button

The Pay Button function gives the user the ability to create an HTML link that can be embedded into HTML content (eg a website or HTML email). When clicked, it will allow a payment to be taken via the hosted form that will be pre-populated with the data specified when creating the link.

The advantage of Pay Button is that it offers the functionality of Compaynet’s gateway without having to complete a Hosted or Direct integration, meaning it can be included in basic HTML without the need for any scripting languages.

For standard Visa and MasterCard Testing use merchant ID 108896, or for 3D Secure Testing use 108897.

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