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Alternative Payment Methods

Compaynet has a vast network of functions that spans alternative payment methods, fraud prevention tools and acquiring bank accreditations. By collaborating with prominent organisations in payments, Compaynet can offer merchants and partners a wide range of alternative payment methods. These include popular wallet functions such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay and MasterPass.

The importance of alternative payment methods in your merchant payment solution are well documented. When a cardholder approaches your web payment page, the greater and more convenient the range of payment methods available, the greater the chance of winning a sale and increasing your transaction volume. By easing the checkout process, custom is retained.

Alternative payment methods simplify the process by storing your customer’s card information locally and generating a token that is used to perform a transaction, making the payment secure and quick because it saves having to re-enter card information. It also greatly increases your potential range of customer base, making your payment solutions

Anchor MasterPass

Our global payment gateway has been built with a focus on performance with high security for transaction data and supports B2B Trade Credit Finance as wall as e-commerce across multiple card brands, 120 currencies, scalability and high transaction volumes.

The core features of our gateway provide merchants with:

  • Global reach and availability

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Rich Transactional analytics

  • Web and mobile payments

  • Integrated to most of Europe’s banks and acquirers

  • Provisioned for and integrates with all major shopping carts

A more detailed summary of our gateway’s many features includes:

Secure Cloud

Compaynet provides a cloud payment gateway that allows consumers to pay merchants for goods and services online, on-mobile and on the High Street.

Think of it as a big, secure, always-on infrastructure that you turn on like a tap to connect those that want to pay and those that want to get paid. Because it’s delivered from our cloud, it’s certified to the highest PCI DSS Level 1 compliant security standards – this delivers safe and secure links between your cardholders, your merchant website and the acquiring banks network.


Our gateway platform is provisioned with a current and extensive network of acquirer/bank connections – this gives our merchants a wide choice of European and global acquiring banks with which our gateway is already integrated.

Our payment gateway services are totally scalable and flexible:

  • Need additional payment methods and merchant accounts? – Compaynet will provide the additional accounts and will consolidate them under the single and powerful Compaynet gateway.

  • Already have a merchant account? – Use our gateway with your existing merchant account.

Extensive Merchant Acquirer Connections:
Secure Trading
Barclay Card
Global Payments
Transact Europe
Post Bank
EVO Payments
Llyods Bank
Pay Vission
First Data
Allied Wallet
Compaynet Security Checks
Security Checks and 3D Secure

Compaynet offers Card Security Code (also known as CV2, CVV, CSC) checks, as well as Address Verification System checks (AVS) to strengthen the transaction when the cardholder is using a card that they have the right to use. Compaynet also recommends the use of 3D Secure (Verified by Visa (VBV) and MasterCard SecureCode MSC), again to strengthen the transaction's security. Compaynet can offer 3D Secure with every eCommerce Merchant Account using the Payment Gateway.

3D Secure Explained

3D Secure authentication was developed by Visa with the intention of improving ecommerce payments' security and cardholder confidence. MasterCard has also adopted the service, along with JCB and Amex. The full 3D Secure service is available using the C Compaynet Payment Gateway and there is no additional charge for this service.

Fundamentally, 3D Secure allows the cardholder to create a unique password for their relevant debit or credit card. This works very much like the PIN would with a PDQ machine in order to authenticate a payment, as only the cardholder should know that password.

3D Secure stands for 3 Domain Server, relating to the three parties involved with the process: the Merchant, the Acquirer and the card issuers. This process is the most recent of fraud prevention services available for eCommerce Merchants and cardholders to use.

In addition, 3D Secure also assists the merchant's liability cover for each transaction authenticated by the process. Whilst 3D Secure can help reduce Chargebacks, they can still happen in circumstances such as when a dispute may be about product faults or alleged non-delivery etc.

Further information about 3D Secure can be found within the relevant integration guides in the Gateway Developer Zone.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is Europe’s greatest threat to payment security because it is used to finance crime. It also can have a tangible effect on your business. Compaynet’s fraud prevention solutions help identify positives and prevent card transaction fraud from ever taking place.

Our in-house Velocity Checking and various country and card blocking technologies allow you to have complete control over the traffic through your gateway. You can focus on growing your business: we take care of security. Compaynet also integrates with specialist third party fraud management solutions to further enhance your fraud prevention tools.

DDoS Mitigation

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by flooding the bandwidth of a web server with massive amounts of traffic. DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent in the news, with many high-profile websites disrupted by these attacks. Compaynet’s gateway is provisioned with a leading cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution that has provided an enterprise level global solution, offering 365, 24/7 protection against the largest DDoS attacks.

This provides you with absolute piece of mind that, no matter the security issue, your eCommerce payment flow is unaffected.

Alternative Payment Methods

Compaynet has provisioned several alternative payment systems to give merchants the ability to offer other payment methods in addition to card payments. To view more information and see what Alternative Payment Methods we support.

While credit and debit cards remain popular, the ways in which people pay are changing rapidly around the world. With Compaynet’s Open Payment Network offering over 150 Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), new markets with locally preferred alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers, digital wallets and vouchers, can be entered via a single API.

Web Money
Paysafe card
Enter Cash
Wechat Pay
MasterPass Digital Wallet

Compaynet provides merchants with the ability to offer an alternative payment method in the form of a digital wallet service, MasterPass. The service allows consumers to hold traditional plastic cards securely in digital wallets, giving them the ability to make a payment with one simple experience without the need to enter card details repeatedly. The MasterPass digital wallet allows consumers to store all their card details, including Mastercard, Visa debit and credit cards, shipping and billing address and gives the consumer the option to select which stored card they wish to use to pay online.

A simple, convenient, secure and faster payment experience is becoming ever more critical with the an increasing amount of e-commerce occurring across mobile and tablet devices. A simplified checkout reduces cart abandonment and allows consumers to enjoy an effortless purchase experience. Compaynet may add this additional feature to all merchants at no additional cost. There are also no fees or charges for consumers to use MasterPass.

For more information about MasterPass, please visit their website.

Help increase sales by activating PayPal on your Website

It's free to open a PayPal account and so easy. Why wait?

What other reasons are there to activate PayPal? Well, more than half of UK online shoppers used PayPal in the last year. And 42% went on to say it's their preferred way to pay.

Open your doors to 169 million buyers with PayPal and Compaynet to increase sales. Simply activate PayPal Express Checkout through your Compaynet gateway account.

Add Express Checkout in 3 easy steps:
  1. Get started and open your business account today*

  2. Select to accept payments through your Cardstream account.

  3. Activate PayPal on your website.

Once activated, you'll be able to see all your PayPal transactions in the Merchant Management System (MMS)

*Already have a PayPal account?

Adding PayPal Express Checkout is even quicker for you. Follow this user friendly guide from Compaynet to prepare your PayPal account for activation.

Account Updater Service

Also known as the Real Time Updater Service, Visa Account Updater (VAU) or MasterCard Automatic Billing (ABU) Updater.

The Account Updater allows the merchant to receive updated cardholder data from participating Acquirers, Merchants and Card Issuers.  As expiring cards are renewed or lost cards replaced, the updated data allows for a seamless recurring or automated card billing process to take place, reducing the risk of service cancellation.

Merchants receive refreshed cardholder data without making outbound calls - producing an uninterrupted customer payment experience; increasing authorization approval rates; and improving revenue retention.

Shopping Modules

With our user-friendly guides, SDKs, and sample code, developers can easily complete an integration with our gateway. If an eCommerce website is using a specific eCommerce shopping cart platform, the integration is made even easier with our readily available modules.

The Compaynet gateway integrates with all of the popular shopping carts that power eCommerce websites. If you don’t see a specific cart here, or if you simply require some advice, contact us and we shall be happy to assist.

To view our full list of shopping modules, please visit our Gateway Developer Zone.

Our Developer Zone is here to provide you with the tools you need. The integration tools we provide are easy to integrate and include sample code, test cards and free support from our responsive team of experienced technicians.

Compaynet provides you all the major shopping carts, third-party tokenization services and invoicing software.

We develop new functions quickly and in line with the needs of our merchants, so please contact us if you wish Compaynet to enhance our service with additional integrations.

With every transaction that passes successfully through the Compaynet Payment Gateway, the system raises a Cross Reference (sometimes known as a Token). These Cross References can be used in lieu of card details for the purposes of repeat or recurring payments, as well as refunds based upon an existing payment.

The Cross Reference will allow transactions to be processed for the same or more or less than the original amount, giving you full flexibility to run subscription, membership or any kind of recurring payments business.

Some businesses like to use this service as a PCI DSS compliant Card Storage facility, too. This is entirely possible and can be used by processing a full transaction or pre-auth. If you require any further information, please contact us.

As an added benefit, Compaynet does not charge for the use of these Cross References, Tokens or Card Storage.

Recurring Payments with Tokenization
Multi-Currency Payments

Being able to process cross-border and in local currency is becoming increasingly important with card payments. Compaynet is able to process in all worldwide currencies and settle in all currencies that the Merchant Acquirer allows.

Allowing for multiple currencies should facilitate sales. A wide choice of local currencies opens up access to a variety of global markets, rendering geographical borders more manageable. Our merchants have the capability to manage their money and FOREX as and when they require. 

Chargeback Reporting

Compaynet ensure your finger is constantly on the pulse of your transaction processing. Never miss a chargeback using our in-built chargeback reporting software within the Merchant Management System (MMS). Compaynet’s chargeback reporting system quickly identifies and notifies a merchant of any chargebacks so they can quickly respond to alerts and disputes.

Secure Virtual Terminal
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Payment automation is becoming more important in business today. IVR solutions provide a reliable and cost-effective way of providing 24/7 card payments. Compaynet’s payment gateway has proven to operate well with leading IVR specialists and merchants who require this level of automation and sophistication.

The Compaynet Payment Gateway processes IVR card payments across many industries, from parking and PCN, to financial services and local authorities. The use of IVR and our payment gateway can demonstrably reduce the manual input requirements of staff processing payments.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal has been designed for merchants to use with ease when taking mail order or secure telephone payments. The secure environment allows a user to process credit and debit card payments, as well as refund transactions, all in real time.

Our Merchant Management System users are able to operate the system under different permissions. This is an ideal solution for call centres, sales clerks and larger organizations who wish to restrict the ability to view transaction information or process refunds. The Virtual Terminal is a web based portal and can be easily accessed through a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Velocity Checking

A comprehensive fraud monitoring and prevention system is built into the payment gateway and managed within the Merchant Management System. It is used to protect merchants and minimise fraud by enabling them to set transaction frequency limits and card usage within a specific timeframe.

Payment transactions are reviewed for repeating patterns within a defined period of time. The check can be performed based on various sets of data such as number of transactions or value of transactions over a given time period.

There are two different responses that the gateway can present. A soft limit will notify the merchant by email that a threshold has been met; or a hard limit which will fail a transaction if the threshold is met.

Compaynet Pay Button

The Pay Button function gives the merchant the ability to create an HTML link that can be embedded into HTML content (eg a website or HTML website). When clicked, it will allow a payment to be taken via the hosted form that will be pre-populated with the data specified when creating the link within the Merchant Management System. A QR Code can also be generated using this method.

Compaynet Receipts

We offer merchants and their cardholders the ability to collect a receipt for any transactions they process. The receipts contain details of the sale, such as the address information of the cardholder, the cross-reference number, the acquiring and issuing bank. Compaynet gives clients all the information they need to manage a sale.

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