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Loyalty Card

We can provide a fully hosted debit card issuance and payment service that includes:

Wide range of application option

Pre-paid cards are one of the most dynamic and fastest growing card products. The flexibility of our card management platform enables our customers to design pre-paid card products with a wide range of application options, including youth cards, travel cards, online purchasing cards, rewards cards, payroll cards, expense cards, emergency relief cards, petty cash cards, gift cards, E-wallets and more.

Flexible pre-paid solutions

Supports all types of pre-paid solutions from single use, to reloadable, open loop, to closed loop and scheme programs.

Streamlined processes

Full life cycle card management platform including account creation, card creation, inventory management, card loading/reloading, authorization controls, managing program parameters and fee structures, and account closure.

Customized back-office solutions

Tailored card programs to meet your business needs, leveraging our complete end-to-end card management platform that supports card issuing, transaction processing, payment clearing, settlement and reporting, program management and customer account services.

Secure solutions

Your customer's card information is safe; Compaynet’s hosted platform complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Value-added services

SMS alerts to pre-paid cardholders for low balances, new account loads and new transactions.

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